Tuesday, January 13, 2009


AR has a new face! My new logo designed by Erika Jessop! I am totally in love with it.. the pictures are a part of a Christmas present for the mom of those wonderful three guys! I finally can proudly announce that i got a studio light and i am working on playing with it, so that i can start to offer some Studio-Mini-Children Sessions pretty soon! Stay tuned for more info's about that!


A new blog and my finally finished website is coming soon! 2009 is also bringing new prices and different packages! Good news for you, the print prices went down thanks to my new wonderful lab! I have a new online gallery for you guys to buy your pictures from but I also offer an In-Studio Consultation, where we just order your products together! Makes it easier on you!


Denise Karis said...

!!! Anne! I clicked over from MeRa's blog and I HAVE to say, I LOVE your banner and the 'fairy tale' photos thing - Why didn't I think of that?? :P I also love your new logo - it loooks like a new branch of Abercrombie and Fitch :) I look forward to going through your blog more!

love from,

ARphotography said...

thanks so much denise!!! hope to see you around here often!!!
Have a great day!!